Affordable and reliable healthcare is often in short supply in both urban and rural India. Although private healthcare facilities have a growing presence in urban centres like Pune; those which provide quality services are priced beyond the reach of the poorest sections of society.
The Swasthya Initiative includes our programmes that fall under the banner of healthcare. We strive to improve access to healthcare in two ways: First, by allowing underprivileged families to overcome the financial barriers of accessing healthcare. The second is by supporting NGOs and trusts that reach out to the poor by offering health services at affordable rates.
A key facet of the Swasthya Initiative is to work with patients and their families to create awareness about the causes of diseases and encourage healthy behaviours to prevent further illness. Similarly, we work with medical and support staff to enhance care delivery. These activities are conducted taking into account the resource constraints of poor households and the subsidised healthcare facilities.
Partnership with Sasson Hosipital, Pune:
Partnership with the Sri Anandpur Trust Charitable Diagnostic Centre, Pune: